The Center for Glocal Culture and Social Empathy proposes the enactment of a practical strategy for repositioning both the individual and social interests of the glocal age, as well as the chronological and spatial contexts that are the basis of a spirit of so-called “Social Empathy”. The goal of the Center for the Study of Glocal Culture and Social Empathy (formerly the Center for Glocal Culture and Regional Development Research) is the expansion of research into an expanded chrono-spatial consideration of hallyu and the bases of glocal heritage. With this purpose in mind, the center is working to move forward with a practical and meaningful strategy for the realization of an empathetic society in the digital age, accompanied by a long-term, comparative, and data-driven case study comparison of Asia and North America extending to central Asia and South America, and also into other regions in order to formulate a proper model of social development. This kind of scholarly research around the concepts of “glocal culture” and “empathetic society” will not only eventually establish an objective foundation for new directions in research but also the practical creation of a wide variety of convergence content.

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